Innovation & Entrepreneurship

San Luis Obispo is a community of small businesses.

Entrepreneurship is part of the SLO culture. A growing number of resources in the public and private sectors are sprouting to support and nurture the spirit of innovation and assist local entrepreneurs on their paths to success.  

A list to get you started (partial):

Business and Entrepreneurship Center at Cuesta College (BEC)
The BEC programs works with private, public and nonprofit resources to build strong, sustainable and successful businesses. The result is wealth creation, job creation and retention and better economic health in California.

California Central Coast Research Partnership (C3RP)
Cal Poly offers numerous opportunities for innovative university-business collaboration. As a recognized leader in applied research, C3RP can help solve business and technology problems, develop and commercialize new technologies, reduce time to market and enhance a company's global competitiveness.

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Cal Poly’s "Learn by Doing" approach combined with the support of an active group of faculty, mentors and advisors is the key to developing a vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Innovation Quest (iQ)
iQ funds innovation. As a non-profit, philanthropic corporation founded by successful Cal Poly graduates and business leaders, it gives back and enhances innovation at the same time.

The San Luis Obispo HotHouse
The SLO HotHouse is a physical space in which new innovations and growing companies can launch. This space, coupled with the combined resources of the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Cal Poly Small Business Development Center for Innovation, provide growing companies unparalleled opportunities for success. 

SLO Seed Ventures
SLO Seed Ventures provides resources for start-ups on a rolling basis. Inn addition to seed funding, it provides resources such as sound business, legal and accounting advice, and provides contacts and introductions to other business people.


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The San Luis Obispo Buzz

Tim Willams
Founder/CEO, Digital West Networks, Inc.

The airport is a tremendous asset for local businesses, offering commercial and private operations with no hassles. Many local companies do most or all of their business outside of the area, with headquarters here in SLO. Unlike other smaller cities, San Luis Obispo's airport offers an essential and affordable way for businesses to meet their clients, and move their sales force.

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